Worldwide AV Production
For Each Project, We Partner Our Team With Yours
We listen closely to your needs because it's your meeting. First, we'll gather your requirements through our unique indispensible tool, MBM's Meeting Planning Assistant, our MPA. Then we'll apply our creative skills and our technical expertise to your meeting objectives creating the type of event that has your attendees talking about it long after they've returned home. We use AV production technology to enhance your meeting, not overtake it. At MBM we watch your budget because we understand meeting planning and we understand this industry.
AV Production And Meeting Planning Expertise
MBM PRODUCTIONS INT'L® is unique in that we provide both meeting planning AND AV production in-house, saving you time, money, reducing the amount of on-site and pre-planning personnel needed and eliminating coordination snafus. We provide both services because they're interrelated. Or you may choose for us to supply AV Production or Meeting Planning alone. Either way, being expert in both areas, we'll seamlessly integrate the other.
MBM Operates Worldwide Routinely
MBM has vast international experience and operates worldwide, routinely working in Africa, Asia, Central America, Eastern Europe, The European Union, The Middle East, The Pacific Rim, North and South America and The Caribbean. In fact, the majority of MBM's work is located outside of the U.S.
MBM’s Vertical Market Expertise: Pharmaceutical, Financial, Insurance, Banking, Technology and more…
MBM’s vertical market expertise includes vast experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, routinely producing International Pharmaceutical AV Production projects for Product Launches, National Sales Meetings, Speaker Bureau Meetings, Investigator Meetings and Study Coordinator Meetings. Other vertical market expertise of MBM’s includes the following industries: Financial, Insurance, Entertainment, Communication, Automotive, Banking, Consumer, Energy, Food, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Technology, Communication, Transportation, Telecommunications and more.
Since 1977… "MBM has set the bar"
MBM has set the bar
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