MBM Operates Worldwide Routinely
 MBM has vast international experience and operates worldwide, routinely working in Africa, Asia, Central America, Eastern Europe, The European Union, The Middle East, The Pacific Rim, North and South America and The Caribbean. In fact, the majority of MBM's work is located outside of the U.S.

MBM’s Vertical Market Expertise: Pharmaceutical, Financial, Insurance, Banking, Technology and more…
MBM’s vertical market expertise includes vast experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, routinely producing International Pharmaceutical Meeting Planning projects such as Investigator Meetings, Study Coordinator Meetings, Product Launches, National Sales Meetings, Speaker Bureau Meetings and AV Production for Pharmaceutical Meetings both in the U.S. and internationally. Other vertical market expertise of MBM’s includes the following industries: Financial, Insurance, Entertainment, Communication, Automotive, Banking, Consumer, Energy, Food, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Technology, Communication, Transportation, Telecommunications and more.

ROI For Meetings And Events
Meetings Should Make You More Money Than They Cost
If the ROI of a meeting cannot be established, it shouldn’t be held. Meetings can no longer afford to simply be cost centers or to happen only because they happened last year. Each meeting’s ROI must be carefully established.
Ultimately, all meetings should happen for a purpose. And because the bottom line of all business is "the bottom line", a meeting’s purpose should be to make you more money than it costs. And meetings certainly can make you more money then they cost if nonessential meetings are cancelled, virtual meetings and other new media are utilized when live meetings are not cost-effective and most importantly, if a thorough ROI analysis is conducted prior to and post each meeting.
Our software division will help you capture the data you need to create a holistic and strategic meetings management approach to your meetings and events. The buzz in our industry is ROI, but that can only meaningfully happen when an organization has meeting spend management software that follows standardized accounting procedures and thus produces auditable results.
The "I" in ROI is of course for "investment", the cost of the meeting. But only when spend can be captured in a way that lives up to established accounting standards can it be relied on and therefore usable to establish the "I" in ROI.
And only when valid audited meeting spend data is in hand, can the “return” portion of the equation then be determined. Soft approaches to ROI do not hold up to accounting scrutiny and are therefore meaningless, or worse yet, provide incorrect conclusions. Hard data is what is needed if true ROI is to be established.
Let MBM provide this hard data to your corporation by conducting a thorough analysis of your entire meeting management program. We’ll show you how to save, where to cut and provide you with the software meeting spend management tools necessary to determine exactly what you’re spending worldwide to the penny, parsed into any report imaginable.
We’re in the business of finding the right communication tool at the right price, not simply in advocating that the meeting take place because that’s what happened last year. We are first and foremost communicators and will work with you to determine the best mode of communication to select to meet your communication goals and budget.
We’ll work with your team to centralize your meetings management and implement an SMMP (Strategic Meetings Management Program). We’ll leverage supplier negotiation, reduce supplier rate and lower internal operational cost. Let us help you achieve what every company wants: the greatest impact at the lowest cost.

Cutting Out The Middleman To Reduce Cost
MBM’s philosophy from day one has been to cut out the middleman to reduce cost. That’s why we’re a Worldwide Meeting Planning Company AND uniquely an AV Production Company and DMC (Destination Management Company). That’s also why we created The MBM Consortium, which provides a wealth of related services to our clients. By providing all meeting planning company services in-house, we reduce cost, streamline processes, increase quality and trim down labor, all which save you time and money.
Our philosophy is to truly be turn-key, not just merely tout the cliché, but to supply as many services direct to our clients as possible to reduce overall cost. These are all tactics to cut out the middleman and lower overall spend, the essence of Meeting Spend Management.
The meeting planning industry has become a patchwork quilt of middle companies providing services, adding their markup and increasing your cost. These days, with careful oversight by procurement combined with a challenging economy, markups such as these are simply not acceptable, nor is it prudent to hire a multitude of companies when one will do the job more efficiently. Choose MBM and we’ll show you how to save by cutting out the middleman to reduce cost.

Each Meeting Is Unique
Yet all meetings are the same in that they involve hundreds of elements and logistical considerations that must all be coordinated flawlessly. We'll gather your requirements through our unique indispensible tool, MBM's Meeting Planning Assistant (MPA). Then we’ll begin planning the meeting and we won’t let go. We’ll pore over every detail. We’ll double-check. We’ll make sure that absolutely nothing is overlooked.
Meeting Planning And AV Production Expertise
MBM PRODUCTIONS INT'L® is unique in that we provide both meeting planning and AV production in-house, saving you time, money, reducing the amount of on-site and pre-planning personnel needed and eliminating coordination snafus. We provide both services because they're interrelated. Or you may choose for us to supply AV or Meeting Planning alone. Either way, being expert in both areas, we'll seamlessly integrate the other.

On-site To Completion, One MBM Contact
On-site is when your vision and the fruit of our combined labor come together to create a perfect program, the goal of every project MBM produces. That goal is why we send only the most seasoned individuals to execute your meeting. Because we believe your meeting deserves one solely accountable individual from inception to execution, at MBM we always provide one MBM contact for your coordination ease. At MBM, we call this individual your "lead" and that same person will be with you during the planning phase of your meeting, onsite and through completion.
Seasoned MBM Employees Only, No "Travel Directors"
At MBM we'll never use "travel directors" (outside hired sub-contractors) to execute your meeting on-site as so many companies do, because an outside sub-contractor, learning last minute on the fly about how to execute your program that took months to create and prepare, simply can't execute exceptionally. MBM's teams are the most experienced in the business. We recruit and train for excellence. At MBM, we provide a higher level of service because we never use travel directors.
PhRMA Code Expertise and Compliance
MBM is committed in its work in the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets in adhering strictly to PhRMA code guidelines. And in all industries, MBM is committed to not only every legal requirement, but to the highest ethical standards.
Automated Meeting Software Ensures Nothing Falls Through The Cracks
Simply wanting perfection or being "an organized person" isn't enough. Meeting planners need tools. They need automated software. MBM was one of the first meeting planning corporations in the world to create completely automated meeting planning software. And today, MBM's software still outperforms its competition handily.

A meeting is a series of tasks. MBM's ProjectMgr® software automates each task relating to the planning of a meeting, from the mundane to the most crucial, so that MBM planners simply have to "press a button" to know what they need to do, ensuring nothing ever falls through the cracks.

Tasks relating to the needs of attendees are tracked in another MBM tool, the RegTracker®. If an attendee changes their air arrival day, for example, that change automatically triggers a whole host of other changes in MBM's automated software. Attendees' arrival manifests, meal functions, guarantees and much more are changed automatically to match their new air travel date. Each vendor associated with those changes is then notified automatically. Multiply that scenario by thousands of attendees and there are literally 10's of thousands of tasks automatically handled without any intervention necessary by our meeting planners. Powerful MBM software, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
Worldwide Meeting Planning, Worldwide Audio Visual Production or Both.
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MBM has set the bar
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