Corporate Video Production and Filmmaking
Ask Yourself, What Is Your Corporate Video Communication Strategy?
It is the question for today's age and one MBM's been answering since 1977 as part of our communication strategy for thousands of the world's finest and most advanced companies.
Whether You Simply Need
 a meeting documented, a training video, video on your website, or you're looking to brand your company with a comprehensive award winning image film detailing your proud history, corporate video production communication strategy planning and fine filmmaking is an MBM tradition and a "must do project" in today's world of digital communication and the Internet.

Video Is Our World's Most Powerful Tool
 yet typically it's underutilized and under strategized by corporations. Years ago, the meeting industry was founded on the live experience, built on a tradition of "staging." But now, we are more often broadcasters than stage makers. With corporate video productions you can communicate your message in more effective exciting ways, capitalizing on the incredible number of tools now available through video Internet Marketing. We live in a digital age where information is more commonly received via smart phone than landline, by browser rather than in person.

to help you plan your video future with the experience of making film and video for longer than anyone in the meetings and communication industry. Since day one, film and corporate video production has been an organic part of MBM's philosophy and history. We've always seen ourselves as communicators first and foremost. And communication these days means video: video via the web, through smart phones, at trade shows, custom branded corporate video productions using amazing "Virtual Set Technology", video during meetings, on plasmas at your corporate headquarters, on kiosks, embedded in flash on your website, everywhere, video is king. It's a business tool with sales and marketing potential that is only just beginning to be realized.
MBM's Award Winning Video Productions
such as "The Art & Science of Making a Baby" have helped countless couples conceive children, "An Asthma Story" has saved children’s lives and "Yes We Can Change our Destiny" helped shape a Presidential campaign. Watch these and other video productions on MBM's YouTube Channel or on and experience what a true high-end filmmaking company can bring to your corporate video production and to your brand’s message.
Since 1977… "MBM has set the bar"
MBM has set the bar
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