It's Not Webcasting, it's SimuLyve®
Case Study: SimuLyve® On Demand For Clinical Trial Training
SimuLyve On Demand For Clinical Trial Training
In the pharmaceutical sector, SimuLyve On Demand is used every day to train thousands of clinical personnel. Instead of having to present GCP training, Safety Reporting, OC/RDC, or other types of similar trainings, redundantly at every investigator meeting, these types of clinical trainings can now live On Demand, in the SimuLyve cloud. This means that your trainings can be accessed 24/7 by all of your clinical staff, at their convenience.

SimuLyve On Demand is a robust cloud based Learning Management System that can be used in any industry. SimuLyve On Demand not only streams HD videos but also accepts Adobe® Captivate Files, Lectora files, PowerPoints, PDFs, Word documents, virtually any type of media. And SimuLyve includes full testing and certification software, all in a secure environment.
What is SimuLyve?
The SimuLyve Network, which includes SimuLyve®, SimuLyve PLUS® and SimuLyve On Demand® has been transforming the way corporations hold virtual meetings. Instead of the typical virtual meeting, which is so often simply a slide narrated by a phone call, SimuLyve PLUS utilizes professionally produced HD video, both pre-recorded and live. To create a SimuLyve PLUS virtual meeting, our local video crews who are in virtually all major cities around the world, first videotape your presenters at their location. Then we edit that videotape, intermixing the presenter’s presentation and their image into a contemporary video viewing experience, more like television, less like "death by PowerPoint." The SimuLyve PLUS videos are then streamed live to an audience who can interact and ask questions of the presenter, who’s live online via the SimuLyve Network HD webcams. SimuLyve PLUS is the best of both worlds, pre-taped to create an exacting professional presentation message, yet streamed live for viewer interaction.

The SimuLyve platform can also communicate traditionally with webcams, slides and audio, but at a level of quality and interaction that far exceeds any other product on the market in the world of virtual meetings. SimuLyve is today’s communication, not yesterday’s PowerPoint.
SimuLyve® Virtual Broadcasts, Live
1 Minute TED Talk: Learn How to Go Virtual with SimuLyve

SimuLyve Virtual Meetings, A Behind The Scenes Look
The SimuLyve team has been working diligently for years to bring you an absolutely amazing and exciting live virtual experience. Everything we do is designed to simulate a live face-to-face meeting, that’s why it’s called SimuLyve.

Have you been replacing your face-to-face meetings with virtual meetings, but aren’t happy with the results? Take a look behind the scenes at the magic of SimuLyve® and watch how you can SimuLyve your next meeting. SimuLyve is today’s communication, not yesterday’s PowerPoint.
Who’s Using SimuLyve?
SimuLyve is used today by Pharmaceutical companies for Investigator Meetings, Training Meetings, and Sales meetings, by Financial Companies, Insurance Meetings and virtually every other type of company that wants to communicate their message both effectively and enjoyably. For a free quote and demonstration, email or call us toll free in the U.S. at 1.888.MBM.MTGS (1.888.626.6847) or globally at +1.847.478.5200.

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It's Not Webcasting, it's SimuLyve®